When every mutual funds SIP are focused on fundamental based buying, we have introduced SIP based on Quantitative models, where it picks up only best performing 5 stocks every month, and keep accumulating only the best stocks measured through mathematical/statistical data.

Minimum SIP Investment: Rs.10000 per month

Fee: Rs.5000 per year

How it works:

    • If you wanted to use your existing account, then our automated systems would notify you via email every month with list of stocks that needs to be purchased.

Risk diversified:

The algorithm keeps accumulating only the best stocks every month. If a stock performance is poor, it will not come up in the top 5 list next month, hence it avoid investing on bad performing stocks.

It is not mandatory to invest every month, there is no issues if you fail to invest for a month, the algorithm simply skips the purchase for your account, once sufficient funds are available, it initiates the trades next time.

No lock in period:

You can withdraw your funds whenever you wish, as the holdings will be there in your own account.